Our experienced massage therapists utilize the most advanced pain-free techniques to assist in the process of restoring health and balance to our clients by charting a course toward wellness and life without pain. Our services include Preventative Massage Therapy and Pain Management through:

  • Medical Massage Therapy

  • Therapeutic Massage

  • Sports Massage Therapy

  • Personal Training

  • Relaxation Massage

Structure offers Specialized Massage Therapy in Colorado Springs and has become a top referral source for Physicians, Physical therapists, Chiropractors and Fitness professionals. We assist our clients seeking preventative care and pain management through medical massage and therapeutic massage who suffer from:

  • Auto related Accidents resulting in  injuries
  • Work Related Injuries
  • Sports Injuries

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome & other complicated conditions

We are proud to announce that we now accept insurance for massage therapy services. Please see our Insurance page for more information and schedule your free consultation today.


"Your health and well-being is our priority.
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you."

-Jeanette Falu-Bishop


Jeanette is a certified massage therapist and a member of The National Certification of Massage and Bodywork Association. Jeanette began her career in 2002 by providing care for our troops on US military bases including Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, where she donated over a thousand hours of therapeutic massage to America’s heroes and their families. She has volunteered for the American Red Cross, Susan G. Komen Foundation and The Fisher House that cares for wounded troops. In 2006, her tireless work earned her a Presidential Volunteer Award signed by former President George W. Bush Jr.

In 2008, Jeanette’s husband, a senior NCO in the Air Force, received humanitarian orders to relocate the family back to their hometown of Colorado Springs, so that their youngest of four children could receive treatment for his cancer. Her son eventually recovered and Jeanette soon established Structure Massage & Bodywork.

In addition to her massage business, Jeanette is also the Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit organization Warriors in Recovery, formerly known as Structure for Wounded Warriors. This organization was established to assist our Wounded Warriors, Veterans, and Military Widows with injury and emotional recovery through alternative methods of care such as massage, bodywork, and counseling, all at no cost to the recipient.


In 2010,  Jeanette pioneered the Massage Program for the Air Force Wounded Warriors and traveled the country with them providing medical massage for the injured, ill, and wounded. Working with military athletes participating in Warrior Camps, Trials and the annual Warrior Games, Jeanette’s job was to prevent injury wherever possible, and treat it should it arise. During this time, Jeanette also hired and trained several Massage Therapists to travel with other military branches and provide medical and sports massage therapy to service members as needed.


In 2014, Jeanette was invited to lecture on massage therapy for the injured, wounded, and disabled  at the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) in Chicago.

In 2015, Jeanette and her husband Mike were blessed with the birth of a child, and Jeanette resigned from the Air Force team to focus on spending time with her family, building her massage business, and increasing the capacity of her nonprofit to help warriors in need.

In 2016  the non-profit Structure for Wounded Warriors was reborn as Warriors in Recovery, the new name bringing with it a dynamic positive energy and vision. In 2016 a landmark event occurred when one of Jeanette’s mentors, world-renowned orthopedic massage educator James Waslaski, traveled to Colorado Springs to participate in a massage workshop hosted by Warriors in Recovery.

In 2017, fundraising efforts began to send five Warriors in Recovery to Liberia, West Africa in 2018  as part of the Return to Love Campaign. Working with the Africa Heartwood Project, the Warriors planned to help drill a water well for a local village. By the end of their visit, the Warriors had successfully dug  wells by hand for two local villages in need of clean water. Despite harsh conditions, equipment failure, fatigue, and other challenges, the campaign was a resounding success, resulting in not only providing clean drinking water for the people of two villages, but  forging important new relationships and providing the Warriors with a new sense of purpose.

In 2018  Jeanette became the head Massage Therapist for the United States Marine Corps Wounded Medical Team for the 2018 Department of Defense Warrior Games which was held at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.  .

Jeanette recently launched an exciting new division within Structure Bodywork to train, mentor, and assist other Massage Therapists in how to successfully operate and grow their massage businesses. She is also developing several workshops to train couples how to give each other a therapeutic massage using the healing power of touch, and has other projects currently in development.

“It’s amazing to look back at our starting point and see the growth and development of both Structure and Warriors in Recovery, and we are excited to see what the future holds in store as we serve and build in love with compassion, care, and kindness.”




Shirlene Davis, LMT. 

-The Healing Place , 611 North Nevada Colorado Springs, Colorado 80902 United States


This full-body service is designed to relieve areas of tension and pain. Calculated, firm pressure helps break down knots to improve muscle mobility. The most common examples would be a deep tissue, sports massage, or lymphatic drainage.

 Orthopedic Massage Therapy is our specialization and is billed in increments of 15 minutes. The amount charged in Medical Massage is dependent upon the diagnosis and procedures used for treatment. Structure accepts most direct massage insurance billing with a prescription from a care provider.

This advanced injury technique offers a structural approach to Pain Management & Injury Recovery that is deemed medically necessary by a physician. We evaluate the client’s musculoskeletal anatomy and develop the most effective treatment for their specific conditions. These methods are used to prevent, reduce or eliminate chronic pain and injuries throughout the body. Our multi-modality, pain free approach, focuses on the manipulation and movement of the soft tissues to include the muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and joint capsules manipulation.

If you have a chronic condition or have been injured, please contact us for your free consultation


Our virtual couples massage workshops are fun and a great date idea for any couple – best of all, learning to massage is the gift that keeps on giving. This course is  taught every Saturday in a virtual informal group setting, and is completely G-rated. We teach you basic massage techniques for the back, neck and shoulders along with other topics, so that you can replicate it at home without tiring out or hurting your hands.  We help you improve your techniques as we show you how to achieve a relaxing 20-minute massage, all with hands-on support from your instructor Jeanette.



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