As the world faces unprecedented challenges, being part of the wellness community is more important than ever. That's why we have developed our Virtual home Health & Wellness Response to help provide our clients with tools and easy to follow step by step techniques to assist in managing your stress and pain.

Check out the following recording which helps explain how this is done. 


Our clinic had to physically close temporarily to assist in flattening the curve. However, at this time, the need for our services are more crucial than ever in assisting our clients with pain, stress management and range of motion issues. This will prevent our clients from going into busy emergency rooms for pain or experiencing limited availability for doctor’s office appointments.

As a manual therapist, Jeanette and her staff are able to assess the clients, guide them through easy to follow step –by- step therapeutic programs to bring the neck, shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, back, and legs into structural balance. This will allow the musculoskeletal system to function properly and eliminate even the most challenging clinical conditions.

As we virtually guide our clients through the unique protocols for their conditions, we will be using HIPPA Compliant platforms and continuing to take our impeccable notes for treatment.  

We are working with clients whom we’ve already been treating and we are open to assisting new clients as well providing our services in both English and Spanish.

This provision was granted to us by Gov. Jared Polis and insurance agencies are approving Telehealth for massage therapists.

We look forward to getting back to work and improving the health of our clients especially in these times of stress and uncertainty.